First Posts and Broad Definitions

06 May
May 6, 2012

Hello! Thank’s for visiting my humble little blog. This is, of course, my very first blog entry ever.

And already, it’s ghastly boring.

I sincerely apologize. See, there’s a certain stigma that haunts every blog that’s ever had a “first post!” entry, isn’t there? You’re like me, I can tell. You are thinking exactly what I think every time I visit someone else’s brand new tumblr/WordPress/Blogger page.

Most Internet blogs… suck. Bad.

And you’re right. Just not about this one.

You see, I’m not here to screw around and ramble aimlessly about crap that doesn’t matter. I’m not here to start stupid Internet memes that belong on reddit and 4chan. I’m not here to vomit bad poetry and publish my lackluster photography.

So what am I here for?

I am here because my passion is video games. I’m a gamer, and survey says, you are too. I don’t know which jerk on the Internet decided this, but the modern-day designation of “gamer” pretty much applies to every breathing person on earth. Even if the most complicated thing you’ve ever accomplished was losing at Tic-Tac-Toe, congratulations, you’re a gamer. Albeit an awful one.

But I don’t care how skilled or horrible you are at playing games. Maybe you’re like me and you’ve grown up playing on every version of Windows, iteration of Game Boy, or generation of console. Maybe you’re not really into technology, but you kick some serious fanny on Bingo night. We both experience the same thing—something as tantalizingly fascinating as it is totally intangible.


That’s really what games are all about. Fun. You come back and play again for the enjoyment. We all enjoy types of play, whether it’s an overwhelming challenge that stretches your mind strategically, or a mindless and delightfully pointless way to pass the time.

My lifelong enjoyment of playing games has led me to become a student of games, and my dream is to develop games for the world to enjoy.  This blog is dedicated to that dream; it will be sewn with passion, each and every word crafted tediously and deliberately. My destiny is in Game Development, and nothing here on Earth will keep me from getting there.

So sit back, grab a nice refreshing drink, kick off your shoes, and steady your mind. Today we embark together down a road many have not survived. This road leads not to fame, not to fortune, not even to happiness. But who are we to deny destiny’s call?

Such is the desire of this future game designer’s heart. So join me, my friend, as I set out to conquer every challenge on the journey before me.

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