A Quick Update

07 Sep
September 7, 2012

Moving to Seattle worked out wonderfully. If you’re interested in how that’s been going, read after the break.

Despite an incredibly busy month, I’ve been hard at work on several development projects in my spare time. In the few short weeks that we’ve been in the city, I’ve already attended two networking events, including the latest Seattle Unity3D User Meetup Group event last week.

The next project I intend to share involves an idea that’s been stewing in my brain for years. My goal is to establish a new content work-flow for video game designers. I’m hoping to inspire other developers to consider a new concept I’m calling ‘reactive content generation.’ I’ll be using my experience in music production to illustrate a proof of concept.

Unfortunately, it won’t make any sense to you until I’m done. We’ll deal with it then.

As an aside, I’ve joined the App.net community as @charliehelman. It’s essentially an ad-free microblogging platform with a particular focus on providing an open API to third-party developers.

It’s twitter, without the spam bots and advertisers, and mostly populated by tech professionals (including a growing number of game developers).

Check it out. Definitely worth the $50 per year price tag. Currently in Alpha.

Getting Settled

My wife and I recently arrived in the wonderfully beautiful city of Seattle, and are currently in the process of getting settled into our new apartment. By the end of this week, we’ll be good as gold!

The apartment is gorgeous, affordable, and in the process of leasing it, we’ve become friends with the rental agent. She’s actually putting us up in her place until the room is ready for move-in!

Not only have we found a great place, but we’ve found a life-long friend to boot!

Her and my wife have especially hit it off, which is of course awesome. They’ve already had several girls nights out on the town together.

Oh, and both of us were instantly able to start working (we’re both Baristas at Starbucks). We work at different stores less than .5 miles in either direction of our apartment complex.

So, we’re about to move into our first home together; we’ve already met friends and found work.

Life’s been busy in the best way imaginable! Thanks for all of your support! I apologize for being so brief, but there’s lots to do.


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